Understanding the Coppell Open Enrollment Program

The Coppell Independent School District (CISD) is renowned for its academic excellence, consistently ranking among the top school districts in Texas. One of the key features that set CISD apart is its Open Enrollment program, which allows students residing in certain neighborhoods to attend Coppell schools, even if they live outside the district boundaries. This program is particularly beneficial for families in the Hackberry Creek neighborhood located in Las Colinas.

Benefits for Hackberry Creek Residents

Residents of Hackberry Creek have the unique advantage of enrolling their children in Coppell ISD schools through the Open Enrollment program. This opportunity provides access to exceptional educational resources, advanced placement courses, and a variety of extracurricular activities that Coppell schools offer.

Why Choose Coppell ISD?

  1. Academic Excellence: Coppell ISD is consistently ranked among the best school districts in Texas. According to the Texas Education Agency’s rating page, the district’s commitment to academic rigor ensures that students receive a top-tier education, preparing them for college and beyond.
  2. Comprehensive Programs: From STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) initiatives to fine arts and athletics, Coppell ISD offers a well-rounded curriculum that caters to diverse student interests and talents.
  3. Highly Qualified Staff: The district prides itself on its team of highly qualified teachers and staff who are dedicated to fostering a supportive and challenging learning environment.
  4. Community Involvement: Coppell ISD encourages community involvement, ensuring that parents and community members play an active role in the educational process.

How to Enroll

Families residing in Hackberry Creek can take advantage of the Open Enrollment program by following the guidelines provided on the Coppell ISD Open Enrollment page. The application process is straightforward, but it’s essential to apply early due to the limited number of spots available.

Additional Neighborhoods Eligible for Open Enrollment

While this post focuses on Hackberry Creek, it’s worth noting that other neighborhoods also benefit from Coppell ISD’s Open Enrollment program. These include Riverchase and Valley Ranch.


Hackberry Creek residents have a unique opportunity to enroll their children in one of the top-rated school districts in Texas through the Coppell ISD Open Enrollment program. This program not only enhances educational opportunities but also adds significant value to living in the Hackberry Creek neighborhood. For more information on eligibility and the application process, visit the Coppell ISD Open Enrollment page and check the district’s rating for more details on the district’s performance.