Buyers in the Dallas luxury market want to be spoiled. They want a home with all the bells and whistles, some that you might not even know exist! I show a lot of luxury homes in the Dallas area and have observed some new trends in amenities that add value.  In this post, I’ve included some active luxury home listings that boast these coveted features.

Here are the twelve most valuable luxury home amenities at the moment:

1. Land and Privacy

What separates a luxury home from a regular home? A huge spacious lot and tons of privacy, so you won’t have to worry about loud or nosey neighbors interfering with your peace, quiet, and privacy.

2. Gourmet Kitchen

Kitchens are a selling feature in any home, but they need to be spectacular for the luxury homebuyer. A large kitchen with high-end finishes, warming drawers, a wine fridge, a large walk-in pantry, and high-performance appliances will make the kitchen stand out and truly be the “heart of the home.” 

3. Smart Everything

Technology that simplifies daily life while enhancing the comfort of the home is essential. Homebuyers are looking for a state-of-the-art security system, smart lighting, entertainment and thermostat options that can be controlled via voice activated personal assistant or remotely via smartphone apps.  

4. Outdoor Living Center

Luxury homes in Dallas need an outdoor living center where the homeowner can entertain friends and family or relax on a lazy afternoon. These spaces should include an outdoor fireplace and/or fire pit and an outdoor kitchen complete with a preparation station, seating area, and entertainment center. 

5. Resort Style Pool

Luxury home buyers want more than a pool – they want a resort-like experience. Luxury homes should have unique features like a grotto, lounging area, and immaculate landscaping to create a backyard that makes you feel like you’re vacationing in an exclusive resort.

6. In-home Spa and Salon

It used to be that a spa-like bathroom was sufficient, but homeowners today also want the luxury and convenience of spa and salon treatments in the home. This could include a steam room, infrared sauna, soaking tub, and a place where your masseuse, hair stylist, esthetician, or glam squad can set up shop for the day.

7. Home Gym

A large home gym equipped with cardio equipment, free weights, an awesome sound system, and mirrors to check out their form is at the top of many luxury homeowners’ wish lists. I’ve noticed many with a yoga room where the homeowner can practice yoga in the peace and quiet of their home. 

8. Wine and Tasting Room

A wine-tasting room is ideal for hosting a gathering or relaxing after a long day. This space can also be used to showcase your wine collection in a more quiet, private area in your home. 

9. Car Showroom

An oversized garage is great, but a car showroom will set your home apart. Car showrooms are designed for the custom car collector. They have proper lighting to show off your cars and are climate controlled to keep them in optimal condition. 

10. Sports Court

For the athletes in the family, luxury homes should have sports courts. Tennis and basketball courts are the most popular, but we also see homes with volleyball courts and, of course, putting greens. 

11. Home Theater

Take movie night to the next level with a home theater. Homeowners can create a space within their home to include a large movie screen, state-of-the-art sound system, luxurious and comfortable seating, movie theater-style lighting, and a well-stocked mini-kitchen and bar where family and friends can enjoy movie night to its fullest.

12. Walk-in Closet with Dressing Room

A walk-in closet is a staple in most homes, but a walk-in closet with a dressing room will add value to your luxury home. This space should have full-length mirrors, custom shelving and drawers, display cabinets for shoes and accessories, a seating area, and expertly designed lighting to ensure you are dressed to impress.

If you have questions about luxury homes in the Dallas and surrounding area, please do not hesitate to ask me.