There are not enough words to describe how amazing Susan is. We went through a long process to find a house, and she was there for us every step of the way. We were greatly impressed by her expertise during the looking process, as she consistently made herself available to us and pointed out potential pitfalls in houses that we would not have been aware of if we were looking by ourselves. But once we found a house, Susan became even more amazing. She negotiated masterfully, helped us with the inspection, and kept us calm and positive during many back-and-forths between us and the seller. The amount of work she did for us was incredible. She made the process as stress free as possible, because we completely trusted her and her judgement. She was always honest with us and listened to what we wanted. We would not have wanted to work with any other agent. In the end, she delivered and we were able to buy our dream home at a great price!