If you’re thinking of moving to Dallas, you’re in good company. Just a few years ago, Dallas was the fastest growing city in the US. And, the population increased by 12.46 percent since the most recent census. Dallas also had job growth of over 150,000 in one year.

The city of Dallas is booming in a variety of ways right now. An active downtown revitalization created areas bursting with all types of cultural activities including film festivals, fashion shows, microbreweries, and more.

So yeah, we can see why you’d want to move here. Moving to Dallas is a great decision for you. But you likely have lots of questions, right?

  • What does it cost to live here?
  • What is the employment picture like?
  • Where is the best place to live?
  • Do I have to wear cowboy boots and a hat? (The answer to this one is “no.” You’ll see some hats and boots, but Dallas is an amazingly diverse city, so you’ll see a lot of everything else too.)
  • What is there to do in Dallas besides go to the rodeo? (Theatre, opera, world-class sporting events, and so much more. Check out this list of things to do.)

If you’ve never been to Dallas, you just might be surprised at this multi-cultural, luxury urban center with sophisticated events, numerous activities, fantastic food, and terrific places to live.

Cost of Living in Dallas

Considering relocating to Dallas? While living in Dallas costs more than some parts of Texas, it’s not San Francisco expensive. The cost-of-living index is below the national average and most major costs (education, healthcare, food, housing, transportation, and utilities) also fall below the national averages. That means luxuries are just that much more within your reach. Just click the “View Market Report” button above and click on the “Costs” tab to see more.

The Dallas Job Market

According to a study by the George W. Bush Institute at Southern Methodist University, Dallas ranks highly among US metros for median income levels. One huge reason for this trend comes from the many large corporations making their headquarters in or near Dallas, Texas.

Healthcare is also expansive in the Dallas area. Two large health employers include Texas Health Resources, Inc. and Baylor Healthcare. And Dallas ranks as an extremely affordable city for business start-ups — ranking 10th by Forbes Magazine for “Best Places for Business and Careers.”

Need other great reasons to relocate to Dallas?

  • No state income taxes
  • Amazing food
  • The professional sports
  • Easy access to the rest of the country … and the rest of the world

Wondering where to live?

If you’re wondering where to live when relocating to Dallas, one place that is appealing to young professionals is the M Streets/Lower Greenville neighborhood. If you’re looking for a luxury home in a thriving and active part of Dallas, look no further.

ABOUT M Streets/Lower Greenville

Lower Greenville houses a vibrant neighborhood, filled with a robust bar and nightlife scene. Its ever-increasing number of gastronomic offerings mean the streets continually buzz with activity.

Take a look at these luxury homes currently on the market in Lower Greenville.